Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Obligatory introductory blog post

Tonight, my boyfriend restored his 15-year-old Gameboy and successfully played Super Mario on it. Then, I made BBQ Jalapeno poppers (a recipe from my Pioneer Woman cookbook) to eat during the Insight Bowl game, which the Iowa Hawkeyes are playing Mizzou in.

Ryan testing out his revived Gameboy. Evidence of restoration on the table.

Adding my favorite BBQ sauce to my jalapeno poppers. YUM!

Do you care? I'm not sure and the idea is that I don't really care. I read a lot of blogs and have asked myself what the attraction is. I like learning new things and reading about friends' lives. Sometimes it's like reading someone's diary and I get that forbidden feeling.

Whatever the reasons for reading or writing a blog I've decided to create mine to provide myself with a forum for me to simply write. I've recently left my job at the Des Moines Register where I was a staff writer. I'm going to start a completely different journey next year at a payroll company doing health benefits. I'm excited and scared - but that good scared feeling you get like when you graduate from college, make a big purchase or any adult decision, really.

I wanted a forum where I can ask lots and lots of questions.

I'll cook. I'll knit. I'll rant. I'll brag about my family, friends and boyfriend. I'll ask about your opinions and take pride in my alma mater... all while at home in my pajamas.

Welcome. Hope you come back!  (I'll post lots of pictures for those that are afraid of big, bad blocks of text).



  1. I'm the first to comment - woot woot!

    I had to look up KTHXBAI (it was on urban dictionary). I feel old.

    Congrats on the new job! Also, I want to hear about knitting. That's on my list of things to learn this year. I want to make Christmas stockings. ; )

    And I love the Pioneer Woman, also.

  2. Sweet! Well, I'll have to post pictures of what I'm working on now as far as knitting goes. I had TONS of cool projects that were Christmas presents and I wanted to blog about them so bad... but they were gifts and I couldn't blog at that time.

    Perhaps I'll learn how to make stockings with you! I made baby booties this year. I also know how to make hats and those are mostly what I'll be working on now.