Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer plans

Holy moly who can believe that summer is almost here?! Frankly, I can. Here in Iowa, Mother Nature has had Tourette Syndrome. We had snow in May, 70 degree weather back in January and February, and 50 degree weather in June. As the saying goes, "If you don't like the weather in Iowa, wait 20 minutes. It will change." Anyway, I'm ready for summer.

Do you have anything super fun or new planned for this summer? Here are some things on the list for the Smiths. Like my 2013 goals post, I'm hoping this can serve as motivation to actually do all of these things.

-LDDS (A driving school that our BMW club puts on each June. It's our first time to it)
-Trip to Kansas City for BBQ and Beer with our BFFs (the couple that inadvertently introduced Ryan and I)

-Earlham Freedom Fest (where I will run... walk... the annual 5K)
-80/35 music festival
-Annual Jobst Fishing Trip
-RAGBRAI. (We'll do the Tuesday bike ride from Perry to Des Moines).

-Iowa State Fair
-Start my Masters program at Drake (August 27 is my first class!!!!)

And of course, all summer we will be patiently tending to our garden. Here are some hashtags to keep up with our summer garden from planting to canning and/or eating (riveting stuff, I know):

Not that we need anything more to do, but do you have any suggestions for things we should do this summer? Have a book to recommend? Any date night ideas?

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