Sunday, April 24, 2011

We're going green!

Ryan insisted on that title. =]

We aren't talking about the laundry list of ways we're going green in our new home (which we move into May 13). Nor the things we did this earth day to show our home how much we love it. We're talking about dinner.

I may have mentioned earlier that sometimes we just want a dinner of fruits and vegetables. We had one of those nights recently as Ryan gave up red meat and pork for lent. I gave up snacking, so we made a meal of healthy snacks. After filling our plates, we realized everything was green.

Avacados, pears, asparagus, star fruit and broccoli.

We're nerds. We know.

Speaking of lent, we're bummed that we had our last fish fry of the year last week. This year, we tried a new church near Drake because we heard a woman cooked authentic cajun. We didn't exactly find that, but what we did find was amazing. We'll return. =] It's nice that we're also supporting the Drake community!

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