Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Church

Please read this article by ex-Register columnist Ken Fuson, which is in DSM Magazine. Everyone is talking about it, and I hope you read it to see why.

I grew up in a church that taught me churches must have pews and closed communion. We must wear robes, have candles and boring, sad music. We have to turn away people that look weird or don't belong to the town. And, when they come in we all stare at them. We only let certain people in our club and you must never wear jeans or put the wrong flowers on the altar. (The best one was when a volunteer was turned away because they weren't a member).

Can you see why I turned away from Christianity - and religion? How could I be involved in such an elitist club that isn't open to those that are different. A club that doesn't love.

How ironic.

None of that is in the Bible. Nothing about how big or small a church should be. Nothing about how the music should be, what you should wear or who is allowed to worship. Funny, none of those things I taught had anything to do with God. Or love.

I'm proud to be a part of a church that has taught be what being a christian is truly about - God.

So, on most Sundays now (not just Christmas and Easter) I walk into a huge building holding the hand of the man I love, smiling ear to ear. I shake everyone's hand who will let me and almost belt out, "Good morning!" I smile at the passion each musician puts into their work. I clap loudly, I sing loudly and I listen intently. I cry at Pastor Mike's words. God moves me.

Praise God for a church that has touched thousands of lives of people who had either given up or never given Him a chance.

That's what a church should be about. Praise God.

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