Friday, April 5, 2013

My favorite things... of the week

Apparently, this is turning into the blog of me copying everyone. Just trying to find my blog voice, I suppose. I’ve seen this on various blogs – people sharing pictures, links and musings about their favorite things. I mean, who isn’t just waiting with bated breath to hear what things I like? Wait no more, my minions.

Twitter feed: @seinfeldtoday. Hilarious. They are tweets giving synopses of shows if Seinfeld were on today. Some of my favorites are…

“Jerry goes to Easter mass and dinner with his girlfriend. Her whole family looks at him whenever the Jews are mentioned.”

“Kramer and Jackie sue 5-hour-energy drinkfor only working four hours.”

Hilarious. Thank you, @seinfeldtoday.

Song: I’m obsessing over this song, Crown on the Ground by Sleigh Bells. It’s used perfectly in the trailer for The Bling Ring.

Etsy item: I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my snuggly green scarf from this Etsy shop. I’m trying to justify buying the blue one. Easter’s already gone… hmm… our anniversary is May 5… so…

Charity: We Care Solar is something I found randomly this year. It’s unique, has a focused mission, and is doing something pretty awesome if you ask me. Basically, women in Africa are dying during child birth due to the lack of lighting. Yep. Lights. We Care Solar is making solar-paneled light packs to keep in African hospitals for when the lights go out. Providing some light to the world is the least we could do.

Music video: It’s not really new, but I think the music video for Scream and Shout by Will.I.Am., featuring Britney Spears is art.

I realize now that this particular list has no theme or focus. Well… welcome to this blog, I guess. After all, it certainly is the obligatory blog about nothing.

What are some of YOUR favorite things?!?!

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