Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Highs and Lows

My friends and I do a weekly email where we exchange our high, low, and looking forward to for the week. I truly look forward to it each week because it makes me slow down and reflect on life – and I get to hear all about what’s up with my girls. It’s so simple, and the best way for us to keep on top of what is going on with each other. I especially love the support they give when I share my lows – something I’m not always comfortable with doing. I force myself to dig deep and really share what moment was the hardest for me that week. I not only get some love back from my friends, but it forces me to review that moment and put it into context. I sit back and take a look at it from a bigger picture perspective and I always tag it with my positive spin. In turn, I get a chance to support my friends in their times of need. Even if it is just virtually, sometimes it’s all we have.
Here’s an example to paint you a picture:
Low: Ryan is gone to a conference for work and I miss him. But, he’ll be back soon and in the meantime it’s giving me some time alone.
A week later… High: Ryan is back!
See what I did there?
Supposedly, 80% of what we worry about never happens. (I’ll put aside the point that I think that number came from no scientific study). So, perhaps sharing our lows, making them positive and working through them with somebody is the hardest thing to really do? Make sure you’re doing that in some way. You’ll be glad you did.
And of course, who doesn’t love sharing their high-points of the week?! Or, what we are looking forward to. Here is my blog-friendly version for the week. While I get the irony, I don’t feel comfortable sharing my lowest of weekly lows to, well, the world. That’s what my friends are for. So you’ll have to settle for this:
High: My peony plant, which I planted two years ago, is sprouting! I’m so excited!
Low: It’s still too cold to really get down and dirty with my garden. I’ve been literally dreaming about
all of the flowers I will plant.

Looking forward to: Ryan and I have tickets to David Sedaris on April 17. He will be doing readings from his new book, Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls. Should be a hoot...
I won’t be doing this each week, I just wanted to share this story. Perhaps you might want to do the same? SO how about it – high, low, looking forward to?
Here are some more pictures… just because!
This fluffy wonder has made my week. Found this on the Twitter page @earth_pics.
Ryan and I dyed eggs for Easter… Breaking Bad style (points to who knows what that means):

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