Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Christmas in July

I've always wondered what the crap people were talking about when referring to "Christmas in July." After a quick Wikipedia read, apparently it's in reference to the southern hemisphere, whose winter is actually in July. This means countries like Australia and South Africa have Christmas-like events in July so it feels more winter-ey. Keep in mind, this does NOT replace Christmas. I mean let's not be silly.

Who knew.

Now that we've established THAT, welcome to July! I have a great way of bringing some Christmas tales to you this sultry day. Remember my post in May about my Oma? Well, I gave a brief eulogy at her funeral in May and I told three Christmas stories that encompass our relationship. She really loved Christmas and always made it a big deal for us. I really love these stories, so thought that I would share them with you.

The first story is about my first Christmas. I was a really sick 3-week-old, and near death in the hospital on Christmas Eve. Everyone was praying a lot to help me make it through the night, as the doctor's said that would be a miracle. I've been told that grandma actually prayed that God take her life instead of mine. I'm glad he didn't, and gave us some time together first, but that really speaks to her faith and love for others. Especially for me. Perhaps I have her to thank for this life?

The second story was a few years later. As a kid, I really wanted to give my family Christmas presents but with no money and no transportation, that was hard. So, I ran around the house and wrapped each person's most prized posessions. That Christmas, I left the room, came back with the presents and said I was Santa's Elf delivering the presents. Everyone was pretty weirded out and perterbed that their item had been missing so long, but grandma played along. "Oh, Santa's Elf THANK YOU!" I appreciated that. She always gave us what us grandchildren wanted, and most of the time that was a lot of hugs, love, and unwanted wet kisses.

The last story is about my last Christmas with her. I gave her a book I made on Shutterfly of pictures I took when Ryan and I were in Schwetzingen, Germany. This was the town she grew up in, and lived on the castle grounds there. When she opened it, she broke down and started bawling. She cradled it in her arms and said, "This is the greatest gift I've ever gotten. I'll treasure it forever." I was really glad to do that for her and give her a last glimpse into her childhood.

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