Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An update on where I've been...

I know I've been neglecting this blog. What happened was equal to that of getting the dreaded second letter from a pen pal. I was pen pals with many people growing up - which might explain my adult obsession with sending mail to friends. One of the pen pals was slow to write back, which was an early lesson in patience for me. One time, the return letter was taking too long so I wrote again. I was told later by the receiver's mother that this created guilt with my pen pal and he would refuse to write due to embarrassment.

Ok, so that's what went on here. I knew I wasn't writing. I definitely had things to talk about - I just decided to keep concentrating on the wonderful whirlwind path life was taking me. I'll try to write more often. Maybe that can be my goal for 2014 - write at least once or twice a month?


New job (yes, again): So I noticed my last post was in July. That was just before I was offered the Assistant Director, Digital Media position in the Office of Alumni Relations at Drake University. This is a dream job of sorts for me. I am a proud Drake alumnus and knew it would be easy to work with our audience. I'd also longed to be in a full-time (non-contract) digital media role. Further, I really wanted to work with social media, which this position allows. Further yet, I've always wanted to work at Drake. As you can see, it was a dream opportunity that I was thrilled to take on. I am part of a great team that is fun to collaborate with and that I learn so much from regarding the world of events and marketing. (P.S. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see part of what I do).

I've gotten to travel to Chicago twice, and Ryan went with me one of those times. I got this beautiful photo from the trip:

EVEN FURTHER, one of the benefits that come with this position is free tuition (it's taxable income). Which leads me to...

Graduate school!
I finally started graduate school to obtain my Masters of Communication Leadership. I'm already done with my first semester and finished with three beautiful High Pass grades (As). I'm signed up for three more classes in the spring. I've really enjoyed getting to know my cohort. They are who I will take my MCL courses with throughout the program. Here we all are on the night a cohort and I lead discussion:

I am debating on my school plans for the summer. I may take one class if it ends before July because...

BABY! Ryan and I finally announced that we are expecting our baby to be born around July 1.

Here are answers to some questions you may have - the ones of which I'd actually be willing to answer, anyway.

No, I don't know what the gender is, but we'll find out and tell everyone. Yes, we know what it will be named but will not be sharing that. That is something between Ryan and I and we don't need people's opinions of our child's name before it's born. No, I won't be sharing ultrasound pictures anywhere but in person with very close family only. Just a personal preference.

YES we are quite excited to have another person to take on our awesome Smith adventures. Yes, I will still work and go to school - and yes, we can handle it. I sought mentoring on the decision to have a child while in graduate school - and only from people who have actually done it. They were the only ones that said we can do it, and frankly, they're the only ones I trust.

Enough of that. Currently, I'm 15 weeks and quite happy I'm out of the first trimester. I got a sinus infection in week 9 and was miserable. Now I'm in full on nesting mode on our home, which has turned into a maddening cycle. My sister and a friend think I should blog about this journey since I would make it funny. I probably would. Meh. We'll see. What do the two readers of the blog think?

This is the image I used to announce on Facebook January 1:

You may understand now why I have been absent - and can further understand why I may disappear again, especially once school starts back up Jan. 27. I've made it my New Year's resolution (sort of) to blog more so hopefully see you around!!

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