Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A happy life is an organized life

I love it when the little things in life really tickle my fancy. For example, I absolutely love to kick the dirty snow from behind my tires. Especially when it comes off in one piece! I especially love it when I get a thrill out of things that some people would consider chores.

One thing I got out of the Register divorce was a filing cabinet I purchased at a fair $10 price. We promptly splurged on colored filing folders.

I've been putting off filling my papers away in the four-drawer high structure. Instead, tiny piles of bills, receipts, and misc. items have been popping up all over the apartment. I wish I had taken a "before" picture. FINALLY, when I had my last chance this weekend I started filing away Sunday night. It helped that I had one of my best birthday presents ever - a labelmaker - from one miss Peterson.

I won't bore you (any further), but for me the results of this process was one cheap thrill. I went around the apartment grabbing coupons and doctor bills saying, "What will we do with this, Ryan? Oh, I know... we'll put it right here under Medical, then bills." He did the same with our taxes. Complete and total nerd-dome achieved.

How boring, I know. A picture of my bliss... organization!

If you've stayed with me this long, I'll treat you with one last thing. When Ryan went out to dad's to ask his blessing he brought wood to cut to make me a shelf for my cookbooks. Well, he's finished it and here are some pictures of it! 

He made it for me because:
A. He's wonderful.
2. It's cooler to have handmade stuff.
Tres. It serves as a sentimental reminder of our engagement,
IV. We wanted it a certain way and we weren't going to find it anywhere soon.

                                           Happy Ryan                                Finished product. =]

Tune in next week when we review the progress of paint drying! 

No, but seriously next post might be about why living in Iowa - even during Snowmageddon isn't so bad!

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