Monday, February 7, 2011

Why we should love winter!

While you’re trudging through ankle deep snow in soaking wet jeans, looking down to avoid the stinging blizzard snow conditions one often thinks – Why do I live in Iowa? This time of year a lot of folks, while melting the frozen mucus in their noses become fed up and claim to all around them – “I’m moving!” This happens to every Iowan at some point in the winter months - usually when we melt the last storm’s snow just to hear a fresh coat will be here by morning.

That’s why, each year, I try to reflect why I love it here. The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau puts out a huge list of reasons why each year – showing us where Iowa and Des Moines rank in the nation. For example, apparently Des Moines is the #1 place in the nation to raise a family (Forbes). Check out the full list here. We also like to volunteer and it’s the best place to hold a career. Wow. We rock!

If those numbers don’t impress you, perhaps I can influence you. We can brag about our awesome state fair, our farmers who feed you or our cornfed athletes with a stellar work ethic to boot. If you have enough ambition you can see what God’s country is all about by watching the fall colors turn in Madison county or canoeing the crystal clear Upper Iowa river while eagles swarm your heads and fish swim away from your boat.

While winter is worth these other amazing seasons, we still openly loathe it. Why? Let’s try embracing winter. Here’s why:
-Snow angels. Leaf angels in the fall are messy and the occasional bug finds his way into your hair and you find yourself picking leaves out of your clothes. Making snow angels is peaceful and beautiful.
-Cleanup for the OCD. I have this strange fascination with kicking the snow from behind my tires – and everyone else’s in the parking lot. Some people like cleaning off cars as well because they may have OCD tendencies. It’s a gift from mother nature to those with disorders.
-Free car wash. Our cars get so dirty in the winter. Personally, I never take it in to get it washed because mother nature is going to take care of that for me in a few days.
-Keeping pop cold. On Christmas we used to put our little glass bottles of Coca-Cola in the snow. The result is that they get little frozen chunks in them like coke ice cubes. It’s delicious.
-Fireplaces, snuggies, cocoa and a book. Seriously, when else can you do this?
-Forts and snowmen. This one is more for the kids, but adults find ways to enjoy their snow piles. This gentleman in Des Moines built a fort to block the drifts from getting into his driveway. Don’t tell me that doesn’t look like fun. 
-Crime solvers. Snow often helps solve crimes mainly because of the handy footprints left behind. In my opinion, it also does a good job preventing them because who wants to go to all that work in the cold?!
- Silence. Not only does the snow deafen sound, but the lack of people also prove for a solemn environment – for those who enjoy it quiet. =]
- Beauty. If you disagree with me on this let me scour your computer for those pictures of pretty snow or ice on your trees, cherries or fences. Bet I could find some.

So lock up your southern winter homes and flee back to Iowa for some seasonal fun! Just beware the cabin fever…

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