Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dinosaurs wore green... sort of

Look at me actually keeping my promise and coming back here to blog.

What did you guys do this weekend for St. Patrick's day? I remember in college when we were so stoked to go out and find green beer. Today, not so much. And I won't even say I feel old for being lame. I just know what that green beer does to my system and ...  I'll pass.

Instead of drinking ourselves silly, my sisters, myself and my husband all went to the Science Center of Iowa to see Sue the dinosaur.

Here's a not so good picture that shows off her huge stature.

And here's a MUCH better one. This one really says, "RAWR" to me.

It was all pretty sweet and I recommend you go check her out before she leaves Iowa in May.

Also, Ryan and I have turned into tasmanian devils on our home today. We are in full-on spring cleaning mode and we LOVE IT! Old magazines, old clothes, old purses - GONE! We're filing all those loose papers and tossing anything we'll never touch. Feels great!

What do you do with things you're getting rid of? Does it all go straight to Goodwill? Do you straight up toss it all? Or, do you insist on selling every last dime's worth of it?

I am planning on doing a few things. First, my little sister gets her pick of anything she wants. Then, what I can I will donate to my animal shelters (blankets, toys, etc.), then Goodwill, THEN the trash (if it can't be recycled). Do you have any fun tips for what to do with life's leftovers?

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