Monday, March 25, 2013

Week in review: Courtesy of iPhone photo stream

I promised I would come back and blog. Promised. I refuse (at least for now) to ignore blogging just because nothing elaborate and exciting is happening. Although it probably is and I just don't want to tell you.

ANYWAY, I recently saw this slideshare on social media trends for 2013. A few things jumped out at me, but mainly the fact that more and more, pictures are telling our stories through Instagram and Pinterest. I have found more and more lately than when I'm telling a story, I often accompany it with a photo I took on my phone. Whether it's how my hair looked on my wedding day, what my grandmother's hometown in Germany looked like or what I found in the grocery store - I always find myself pausing in the middle of my oh-so-intrigueing tales to say, "Oh, oh, bare with me. I have a photo to show you," as I scroll through my iphone photos. I can ask my sister for advice on a purse, or get my husband's approval on dinner. I've found that I use it as the proof, the evidence, to my stories.

Ok, get to the point. Here's my week... month.. whatever in pictures. So exciting, I know.

Some things I knitted for a coworker who is expecting.

Our brief March Madness setup at home:

My beautiful passport photo that I freaked out about and showed to everyone.

Drawing/graffiti on the wall at the West End bar at Drake. Made me laugh.

I often use my phone to screen shot funny things I want to share. Like these hilarious pictures of when Tom Hanks found a kid passed-out-drunk on a table.

And a lovely comparison of what my husband sees from his balcony in California, where he is for a conference ...
... and what I see from my window at work today.

(sorry upside down - can't figure it out).

Did you enjoy that? Want me to keep doing it? I promise not to post super interesting things like this:
I hate it when this happens.. why haven't I deleted this?!?!

Anyway, what's up with you?

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